Recognition Badges

Kirsty Lawrence's picture
At our open meeting last night we awarded the first of our recognition badges. We all volunteer for our own personal reasons, these badges are simply a "thank you" for all the time they give up and the effort they put in. Without their dedication our service couldn't exist. Awarded to our riders, drivers and controllers but will extend to fundraisers and speakers once historical data has been collated.
25 shifts for bronze
Paul Simmons
Gary Saunders
Nathan Harold
Andrew Watson
John Watts
Dave Glennie
Ross Mackenzie
Iain Munro
Paul Paterson
Ian Young
Alan Bell
Alan Bragg
Adam Morris
Adam Pickering
Joanna Moor
Suzanne Hitchinson
Colin Irvine
Peter Kippax
Lee Smith
William Deacon
David Lucas
Tegan Rawlinson
Ian Hunter
Carl Critchley
Allan Dalgarno
David Burns
Jerry Trowbridge
Mark Richardson
Wilfred Moralee
Bronze Badge recipients
50 shifts for silver
Ken Tait
Debbie Paton
Brian Slassor
Peter Robertson
Graham Moor
Malcolm Farley
Gary Annan
Colin Granton
Malcolm Cramman
Derek Henderson
Gary Loader
David Short
Steve Tulloch
Alan Johnston
Ria Burnett
Chris Mitchell
Mike Briant
Nigel Barlow
Rob Wilks
Graeme Mitchell
Steven Hughes
Silver Badge recipients
100 shifts for gold
Paul Gilligan
Barry Bullas
Alan Ross
Alan Johnson
Mervyn Hilton
Steve Rawlings
Andrew Lee
Sean Storey
Chris Mann
Ronnie Paton
Gold Badge recipients
200+ shifts for a gold/red