TSB Bank Local Charity Partners Nominations

Kirsty Lawrence's picture

We need you to nominate us for the next TSB Bank Local Charity Partners 2017/2018. Each of their branches will pick one local cause from the top three eligible organisations with the highest number of nominations. The new partnerships will then start on 4 September 2017 and will also run for 12 months.

To make your nominations, simply head to this form at http://www.tsb.co.uk/charity-nomination-form/ – nominations close on Wednesday 24 May at 5pm.

Information you’ll need to complete the form:
     Our charity number – 1166689
     Email – fundraising@northumrbiabloodbikes.org.uk
     Contact – Graham Moor
     Phone number – 0191 364 3113
     Postcode – DH1 5FJ