Why I volunteer by Frank Soulsby

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Why I volunteer…

“In August 2015 a friend messaged me the BBC news article. From here I joined Northumbria Blood Bikes but needed to gain my advanced bike test.

I joined as a volunteer following a close friend being diagnosed with cancer and seeing how much the NHS helped her and seeing how much the NHS were in need of help themselves.                                                                                     

I’m currently a rider and fundraiser. Mainly on weekend but will help where necessary and during holidays.

You meet like minded people, who are prepared to go the extra step to making a difference, knowing the thanks you receive from staff in hospitals and patients is genuine and heartfelt.

During a night shift on 24/05/2017 a young woman was entering the RVI, Victoria wing... around 02.00. Having walked past me she turned and said in choked voice:  "thank you my son, who is 11, had emergency heart surgery in the early hours of morning previous week. One of your riders delivered emergency blood.”

Are you thinking about joining as a volunteer? Go for it, the feeling at the end of shift of you have made a difference is exhilarating.

My name is Frank Soulsby and that is why I volunteer for Northumbria Blood Bikes.”

To sign up or for more information on the roles visit: http://www.northumbriabloodbikes.org.uk/support/volunteer