Why I volunteer by Lee Smith

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Why I volunteer...

“I found out about the charity through Northumbria Advanced Motorcycles and joined in April 2016 as a rider and driver.

It can be tricky to fit volunteering into my daily life with 3 children under 10 and a busy professional life; however Northumbria Blood Bikes have a variety of shifts and roles available so there is always something that will fit with your work and family commitments.

The best thing I’ve experienced since joining is camaraderie during shifts and the friends you make. When you have a coffee with other volunteers, who are from diverse backgrounds, tied in with carrying out a vital function. Its great team work.

My most memorable moment has to be picking up a job that was sent by the Consultant who treated my son whilst he was under his care years before. Being able to thank him and him thanking me for the service we provide.

One thing I would suggest to a prospective volunteer is... warm socks!

My name is Lee Smith and that’s why I volunteer for Northumbria Blood Bikes.”

To sign up or for more information on the roles visit: http://www.northumbriabloodbikes.org.uk/support/volunteer