Andromeda is Coming

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Following investigation and testing by a group of members, and subsequent approval by a ballot of all members, NBB is moving ahead with the purchase and introduction of an Andromeda radio system for operational use.  In the first phase the system will be covering the three duty bike riders and the two duty car drivers and puts them in two-way communication with each other and with our in-house shift controllers.  Additionally, the radios can be tracked and with the aid of GPS technology the precise locations of all of the radios can be monitored over the internet by our shift controllers. 


Do you want to volunteer for a local charity?

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Northumbria Blood Bikes are looking to recruit individuals to take calls from hospitals and pass on to the operational volunteers to carry out tasks. Would you like to know more? 

We are also looking for more people to become fundraisiers, mostly at a weekend. Does this interest you? 

Please visit the volunteering section for more information on how to volunteer



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