Grant us our Wish!

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From Monday 10th October the Newcastle Chronicle will begin printing The Chronicle's Wish 2016 tokens.

We're pleased to announce that we've been accepted to take part. This year they have a £25,000 cash pot to share among all the groups on the Wish list. No groups will miss out, but the bigger our share of the tokens, the bigger the slice of the cash. 

This is where you come in & we need your help.


AGM Thursday 15 September

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Annual General Meeting Thursday 15 September 2016  The Newcastle Civic Centre Collingwood Suite - Barras Bridge,  Newcastle, NE1 7RS 

Nearest Parking: Civic Centre Car Park Hancock Street (Nearest Post Code for Sat Nav NE1 8PB), many other locations available in the City. The Civic Centre is ideally located, close to Haymarket Metro station, main bus routes and the central motorway. 

The Collingwood Suite is situated on the first floor above the Registrars entrance 

Documents Attached for members


Celebrating #BloodBikeDay with 10,000 job completed!

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As we celebrate our second National Blood Bikes Awareness Day we focus this year on the ‘diversity’ of the work we do and the volunteers who keep us running. “We’re not just about blood!”

We start our day with a celebration. In the early hours of the morning our team out on the road hit another milestone. Our volunteers have completed 10,000 jobs since going live on 03/02/14.


Inner Wheel District 3

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Yesterday Peter Robertson, our Chair, was invited to collect a £5,000 cheque from the ladies of the Inner Wheel District 3. Many thanks to the group who chose us as their charity of the year. 

Photograph of Peter Robertson and Chairwoman Margaret Compton -

Photograph of Peter Robertson and Chairwoman Margaret Compton​ - taken by our volunteer Ross Mackenzie


Another lifesaving service

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On Monday 20th June 2016 Northumbria Blood Bikes volunteers were proud to be presented with two defibrillators from North East Hearts with Goals. Christine Stephenson and Kelly Best, (from North East Hearts with Goals), handed over two AED devices to Northumbria Blood Bike volunteers (Sean Storey, Peter Robertson and Alan Johnson). One of the defibrillators has been donated through North East Hearts with Goal's fundraising efforts and the other from donations made at Mr. David Richardson’s funeral.


Sainsburys Charity of the Year

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Voting is open for us to become Charity of the Year for Sainsburys in 2 stores - Heaton Newcastle and Washington Local Teal Farm. We need your votes. Voting is online and in store and is open for approx 2 weeks. Please vote for us, click the link, and find the store. Then click Vote then Submit - the same button. Choices move around the screen so make sure to select the correct cause. Please vote and share widely. We need these votes and need your support. You dont give any personal details, just find the store and click.



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