Why I volunteer by Derek Farrow

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Why I volunteer…

“I heard about Northumbria Blood Bikes from volunteer rider Adam Morris and joined in November 2016.

Many years ago my mother was diagnosed with cancer and was really ill, she was given blood transfusions which made her feel well for a while, after her passing I decided to donate my blood so others would feel well as repayment for my mother’s care.


Why I volunteer by Heather Amar

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Why I volunteer…

“I first heard about Northumbria Blood Bikes on Facebook. I decided join as a volunteer as my son had been treated for Leukaemia and had lots of blood transfusions, and I wanted to say ‘Thank You’ in a small way. I had originally joined as a fundraiser and now I help the charity’s Secretary with admin.

There are lots of events going on especially during the summer; it's easy to fit in with your day to day life. The best thing I've experienced since joining is the new friends I've made and supporting all the team’s runners in the Great North Run.


Fit For Fun Day

We've been invited to attend Barnwell Academy's Fit for fun day.

We need a bike for children to sit on (in the school playground - weather permitting!) and one bucket/collection tin as we have been invited to fundraise with parents too.

This event will follow a talk taking place at the school on 29th June so children should be enthusiastic about seeing the blood bike.

Please arrive at around 11am to set up. We have been asked to be there from 11:30 for "an hour or so" to give the children an opportunity to have a sit on the bike and parents to donate.


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