We need your support to secure vital funding this winter

Kirsty Lawrence's picture

We are calling for the support of the local community to help win funding as part of the Aviva Community Fund 2017. Northumbria Blood Bikes are relying on votes to increase their chances of winning funding of up to £25,000 which they hope will help them to prepare for a reliable winter service. Only projects with the most votes will become finalists, so additional support is vital.

Whilst motorcycles are the main stay of our work, when the weather is cold, blood can’t be carried on the back of a motorcycle as it crystallises. When ice / snow lays afoot, motorcycles can be removed from service. In such situations, it is essential to have a car available. Due to the high mileage of our vehicles, we need to replace one of our cars, at a time when it is most cost efficient. This project would see us purchase and have a car on the road before the end of the Winter period, enabling us to support our NHS and Air Ambulance customers reliably, proficiently and professionally.

Graham Moor, our Fundraising Officer, says: “We have a wonderful set of volunteers, who will all do what they can to support our work, when we talk with the public, they can't say enough about the work that we do as a charity. Being a volunteer in the charity is a very positive and very humbling experience.”

To get behind Northumbria Blood Bikes and help make a difference in your local community, visit https://community-fund.aviva.co.uk/voting/project/view/17-4879 and submit your vote before 21st November 2017.